No matter from which perspective we look at bodies, they are moved by forces we will never fully understand. As long as we walk this planet as humans, we are at the mercy of the consequences of our physicality. In vague, this "being at the mercy" is acknowledged without question, thereby opening up the opportunity for the individual to dive into a sensual ocean. A search for pleasure in the dissolution of human sublimity.

Away from consumerist entertainment culture and virtuosic dance movements, vague thus oscillates between purposelessness and an amused view of the human condition.

Premiere: 24.06.2021 20:00

Further dates: 25.06. + 26.06. each 20:00

Lokhalle Freiburg

Duration 50 min


Choreography: Julia Klockow

Dance: Zina Vaessen & Daniel Rakovsky

Dramaturgical accompaniment: Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir

Artistic direction & production: Julia Klockow

Light & Sound: Benjamin Plaga

Sound design: Julia Klockow

Project assistance: Anik Auer | Heike Schuster

Make-up: Heike Schuster

Camera & Editing: Jennifer Rohrbacher

Public relations: Julia Klockow

Supported by: Freiburg Cultural Office, Freiburg Regional Council, LBBW Foundation

With the kind support of: Action Theater Panoptikum