[tuningtime] explores the assumption that temporality and cultural imprinting structure our reading of meaning. The performer commits herself to a back and forth, a driving back and forth on energetic tracks. Present, future and past seem to merge little by little, opening up a timeless sphere that becomes ever more condensed - a fluid and not clearly tangible process.

The approach through repetition, slowing down and speeding up irritates perception until new contexts and connections open up. The stability of meanings is thus called into question. Beyond gender roles, origin or social status, the performer in [tuningtime] sees herself first and foremost as a human being, not exclusively as a woman; gender is only part of her identity. The solo work explores the extent to which we can leave our socialisation behind. How do we retune ourselves?


PREMIERE 17.03.2022 20:00

18.03. + 19.03.2022 20:00

SÜDUFER Freiburg

TICKETS: http://ewerk-freiburg.de

In cooperation with E-WERK Freiburg.

Funded by LBBW Stiftung Baden-Württemberg.

Concept & Choreography: Julia Klockow

Dance: Julia Klockow

Dramaturgical accompaniment: Stephanie Scheubeck

Outside Eye: Zina Vaessen

Communication/Production: Julia Klockow

Photography: Roman Pawlowski

Lighting design: Natalie Stark