The performance moves at the interface between nude standing and dance. Inspired by the meditative posture during nude standing and the anatomical, non-judgemental gaze of the draughtsmen cultivated in the nude class, cultivated in the nude class, the performance shares this experiential space experience in a performative setting. Visitors can witness the observe the sculptural poses and at the same time see what the draughtsmen are see what the artists are capturing on paper. Anyone who wants to spontaneously are cordially invited to join in.

Concept: Kai Brügge & Julia Klockow
Performer: Danesh Ashouri, Kai Brügge, Julia Klockow, Danial Arabali, Melanie Anna Seeger, Loreto Valenzuela
Duration: 1 h

Drawing by: Danial Arabali

Foto: Roman Pawlowski

- OPEN CALL-2023

AKT Auditioning Performance LABs

for artists with a background in fine arts, dance and


Artistic direction: Danesh Ashouri, Danial Arabali & Julia Klockow