The explorative 1:1 performance invites to explore the scope of action by means of a task. In doing so, task.xy questions hierarchical moments as well as role and power assignments between audience and performer.

Our relationship to tasks is often shaped by school experiences and thus associated with pressure to perform and stress. Working in dance has shown Julia Klockow how, by expanding her movement patterns even in tightly set scores through playfulness and variation, she can experience a sense of freedom all the more intensely. For her, freedom is not a good that we passively endure. We are always free "from something" - and this requires a certain amount of activity and willingness to act. task.xy is a way to share this realization with an interested audience.

Through a common task, task.xy creates a space of experience that she and the participants* create in the moment - each round is unique. The participants are sometimes initiators themselves or experience a performance in an intimate space.


Duration: per round 10 min/ whole performance 2-3 hours

Location: seperate room 4-20m2 (adaptable)


Concept & Dance: Julia Klockow

Assistance/Admission: Anik Auer | Fiona Hesse

Performances: DELPHI space 2019 | TEX 2020

Photo: Jennifer Rohrbacher